110mm Underground 45° Double Socket Y Branch

110mm Underground 45° Double Socket Y Branch


Available in Terracotta

110mm Underground Drainage is the most commonly used drainage solution for any situation or project. The Underground Drainage Pipes along with its fittings are manufactured purposely for domestic drainage. The range stocked is Aquaflow, one of the market leading brands for Underground Drainage products and manufactured to BSI standards. 

110mm Underground Drainage Systems Features 

  • Effective Means of Waste Drainage from Above Ground 
  • Manufactured to Withstand Extreme Environmental Conditions for both Discharge and Temperature 
  • ‘Cap & Seal’ System for Easy Installation and Long-Lasting Usage  
  • For Use in Gravity Drainage and Sewerage Applications up to a depth of 10m 
  • Available in Terracotta colour 

Diameter:  110mm
Bend Degree:  45° Double Socket Y Branch
Colour: Terracotta
Brand: Aquaflow
Category: 110mm Underground Drainage

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